Lady Luck: Spirit of Fortune #1

Lady Luck: Spirit of Fortune #1

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Destined for misfortune, Lucy Luckabee's fate takes a turn when she binds with the mystical Spirit of Fortune. Together, they must battle Kalfu and prevent reality from descending into eternal chaos. Can Lucy rewrite her destiny and confront the haunting shadows of her past to liberate Flush City from the clutches of darkness? 

Step into the enchanting world of Lady Luck, and uncover Lucy's origins in Lady Luck: Spirit of Fortune #1!

Disclaimer: Rated M Mature / Contains intensive violence, extensive profanity, explicit themes, and other mature content only suitable for older readers / Ages 18+

Published: December 23, 2023

Story: The Salazar Brothers

Artist: Lucas Assis

Color Artist: Gui Sabino

Cover Artist: BRÄO