The Wombat #1

The Wombat #1

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As young Latino Miguel Mota struggles to overcome misfortune and explore his newfound powers, new evil lurks in the shadows of Pacific City. Ruthless supervillains terrorize the city on a relentless hunt to capture a mysterious wombatby any means necessary.

Can Miguel overcome adversity and his personal guilt to stop merciless supervillains from capturing the wombat and terrorizing Pacific City?

Far more is left to uncover in the savage hunt, as a cold, calculated, and bloodthirsty figure operates from behind the shadows on a quest for vengeance…

Uncover the origin of this exciting, action-packed six-part series, following Miguel on his challenging journey to embrace his powers in becoming Pacific City's mightiest defender, The Wombat!

Disclaimer: Rated M Mature | Contains intensive violence, extensive profanity, explicit themes, and other mature content only suitable for older readers | Ages 18+

Published: October 21, 2022

Story: The Salazar Brothers

Artist: Lucas Assis

Color Artist: Guilherme Sabino

Cover Artist: Lucas Assis