Kaptain Kush #1 - Official Comic Trailer

Kaptain Kush #1 - Official Comic Trailer

Watch the Official Trailer for Kaptain Kush #1

The official trailer for Kaptain Kush #1 is now live!

Against his pacifist beliefs, flower child Dylan Baker gets drafted into the U.S. Army to fight in the grueling Vietnam War. Dylan is selected for experimentation by Task Force F.A.D.E., a secret organization conducting top-secret experiments for the U.S. government.

Dylan must bring peace to a war-ridden world on the brink of annihilation as the world's superpowers fight for control over cannabium, the most powerful substance in the known universe, capable of mutating species and creating superhumans!

The Ounce Universe is going back to the 1960s for a rad tale of the world's first superheroes, space weed, and everything thing in between. Embark in the debut-issue of the captivating Kaptain Kush! 

Kaptain Kush #1 - Cover A

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