Welcome to Ounce Comics

Welcome to Ounce Comics

Building an All-New Superhero Universe
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Ounce Comics is re-envisioning superhero comics, bringing new stories that both new and seasoned readers can enjoy. Our series pay homage to the classics and are inspired by the amazing stories from your favorite comics and characters. Our focus is, and always will be, our fans and enticing storytelling! 

The Ounce Comics Universe is just getting started! Our ever expanding universe will be full of vibrant, powerful characters, rich with lore and intriguing backstories. 

Our team has set a high standard for every issue, ensuring there is zero degradation in the quality of each issue. We set out to produce distincthigh caliber content with each chapter that is easy to follow. We will forever hold this standard with every comic we produce. As the late, great Stan Lee once said, “Every comic is someone’s first.”

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